my mask of sanity is about to slip.

Kirsten. 21. Inhabits St. John's, Newfoundland; born & bred in Rochester, New York. In love with Naomi, my British counterpart & best friend ♥ I'm weird, sentimental, introverted, tattooed, open-minded, & obsessive. I love horror, pin-up girls, thinking, Michael Jackson, travelling, animals, the Titanic, reading, writing, criminology, abandoned amusement parks, serial killers (Dahmer & Ramirez in particular), autumn, escapism, analyzing people, Halloween, late nights, tattoos, coziness, daydreaming, collecting memorabilia, fixating on a specific subject & learning all I can about it, Pokemon, scary stories, hoodies, weed, buying things, Disney, dreams, trippy shit, bright colors, my 4 cats (aka my children) and people who are just as weird as me.

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